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Car And Van Servicing In Middleton

With regular service at a good garage, your car or van will give good performance for years. Car servicing is a recurring expense, but you may be tempted to take the easy way out instead of looking for the best garage in town. This is usually a costly mistake. Going to just any garage where you can't be sure about quality may result in costly repairs later. On the other hand, the dealer garage is expensive and inconvenient.

Finding a garage where you can get good quality and convenient service at reasonable prices is the best option. We can help you if you are looking for reliable and quality car service in Middleton.

The Smart Way Of Getting Your Car Serviced In Middleton

We have identified and tied up with garages that provide high-quality service at reasonable prices. Our network garages always use quality spares. They also have the right equipment and trained mechanics. We also have fixed rates for standard services. So, you don't have to worry about quality or negotiate.

Booking a service is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. Just complete the online form on this page and we will assign your car to the nearest network garage specialising in your vehicle brand. They will call you to confirm the time and location for picking up your vehicle. You can conveniently have the vehicle picked up from your home or office. It will be returned to you after service. You will know the cost of the service upfront and there is no need to visit the garage.

The service team will call you after your car arrives and explain the type of service required and for any additional work needed. If additional work is required, they will give you the details and the extra cost. No additional work will be done without your approval. Car washing and cleaning is included with all standard services. You will also get the serviced stamp on your service booklet.

When the garage returns your car, you can settle the bill using PayPal or your credit card. The entire process is convenient, economical and transparent. There is no need to negotiate and your bill will be as expected. You get the best quality service at the best price.

What We Offer

Our network garage will provide a service according to the service schedule specified by the manufacturer in your service book. This could be a minor, interim or major service depending on the age of the car and the number of kilometres travelled. If your car is due for an MOT test, we can perform it for you.

An annual MOT test is mandatory in the UK. It is mainly related to the basic maintenance, emission control and safety of your vehicle. Passing the test is proof that your car or van meets the minimum requirements to be roadworthy. We perform MOT tests besides providing all types of car and van periodic services and repairs.

Car And Van Repairs In Middleton

In addition to regular service, your vehicle may need occasional repairs as it gets older. Our network garage will perform all types of major and minor repairs. Here are some repair jobs that we routinely undertake.

Brake Repairs: The braking system is the most critical safety component of your vehicle. Worn out brake pads are replaced during routine service. Other failures like leakage in the hydraulic system can also occur. Brake repairs must always be performed by a qualified mechanic. Delaying it could result in an avoidable accident and may get you into legal problems as well.

Cambelt change: The cambelt, also called timing belt, is an important component of the engine. It is a belt made from rubber. It has teeth, which co-ordinates the various parts of the engine during operation. If it fails, it can cause serious engine damage.

Although it is designed to work perfectly for many years, being a rubber component, it has a finite life. It has to be checked for deterioration and changed in older vehicles after they have completed a certain number of kilometres or years.

We also undertake other types of repairs such as exhaust repair, clutch replacement, head gasket replacement, cleaning the diesel particulate filter, gearbox repairs, and steering and suspension repairs.

If you live in Middleton, there is no need to worry about van and car servicing. You have a much better alternative to the expensive dealer garage. Just complete and submit the online booking form and we will arrange the service for you. You will get high-quality service at competitive prices. Why wait? Book your service now and avoid the hassle of finding and negotiating with a garage.

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Customer Reviews

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Jack Walker

Top service, knew straight away what the problem was. Had it back next day which was great, glad I've found a garage I can use in the future would defiantly recommend. Even gave my car a wash.

Alan Rait

Great people to deal with. Trusted with my family's cars for many many years. Great service, go the extra mile. Thoroughly recommend for anyone looking for work on their car whatever the marque.


Had my car service and mot with Bury branch. Excellent service kept me posted with everything they were doing. Professional, friendly and helpful definitely recommend them. Thanks.


Just a quick line, I have finally found a garage where I have complete confidence. Professional and informative, Lisa and Mike are a pleasure to deal with. Thank you.

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