Exhaust Problems? Get It Checked As A Priority

If your car sounds louder than usual or you hear an unusually loud roaring noise when you start the engine, the problem could be with the exhaust system. Other symptoms like smoke in the cabin, rattling sound, excessive vibrations or loss of power can also occur. If you experience any of the symptoms, get the exhaust system checked and repaired promptly.

Exhaust problems must be fixed as a priority because there is a risk of exhaust gases entering the cabin. Exhaust problems also get progressively worse and it makes sense and costs less to fix the problem in the early stages.

Exhaust System Basics

The purpose of the exhaust system is to limit emissions, noise and vibrations, and safely release combustion gases. It consists of a chain of components on the underside of your car. It runs almost the length of the vehicle starting from the engine to the rear exhaust pipe.

The start of the chain is the manifold, which collects exhaust fumes from the engine. From there, the gases go through a pre-catalytic converter and then the main catalytic converter where harmful hydrocarbons are removed. Silencers (mufflers) in the exhaust system reduce the noise created by the gases as they are expelled from the engine. Damage to the exhaust system can increase noise, vibrations and emissions besides allowing dangerous combustion gases into the cabin. A malfunctioning exhaust can also reduce engine performance.

Corrosion of components is the most common cause for exhaust problems. Exhaust systems can also be damaged if something hits the underside of the vehicle. Due to environmental considerations and safety issues, any problem with the exhaust system should be fixed without delay. You are also likely to fail your MOT test if you have a malfunctioning or damaged exhaust.

Troubleshooting Exhaust Problems

The most common reason for increase in engine noise is a damaged silencer. The silencer is prone to corrosion damage. As it is furthest from the engine, it remains relatively cool, which makes it easier for exhaust gases to condense. Condensing exhaust fumes form an acidic liquid, which corrodes the silencer.

There are many joints in the exhaust system and they can become loose or start leaking. A hissing sound indicates a leak. Blockages can also occur in the system, which results in chugging sounds. The chain of components is supported by hangers, clamps and brackets. Corrosion can cause these to become loose or the system to be misaligned. If you hear rattling sounds, one of these issues is probably the cause.

Most of the exhaust system is hidden under the vehicle. Exhaust problems may not be apparent until you notice the symptoms. A visual examination under the vehicle can help you detect obvious problems like rusted components, cracked pipes or broken joints. For detailed checks and repairs, take your car to a good garage.

If you smell exhaust fumes inside your car, get it checked urgently. There is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas and it is easy for people to get overwhelmed by it. Until the issue is resolved, keep the windows fully open while driving and avoid idling. Switch off the engine during temporary stops.

Repairing Exhaust Problems

Although the exhaust system is prone to damage and corrosion, it can last more than 150,000 km in modern cars. Unless your car suffers damage or you drive frequently through muddy roads, the system should be trouble-free for a number of years.

If you are regularly getting your vehicle serviced, any exhaust problems are likely to be detected and fixed in the early stages. Technicians can detect problems during test drives that most people will not normally notice. They also put the vehicle on the lift and check the underside for problems. If a component is damaged or corroded beyond a point, it will require replacement.

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