Ford Vehicles Common Problems

None of us look forward to issues popping up on our vehicles. It can be stressful and very frustrating. Some cases are easy to resolve while others can be costly or just time-consuming.

There are no manufacturers, large or small, that are immune to car troubles. Ford seems to have many issues with its cars and trucks. Some problems are easy to fix while others are pretty extreme like a door literally falling off the vehicle while driving down the road!

We have gathered some issues that even the board at Ford would not want us to see! Some of these problems are often on the front burner and can be corrected in a short period of time while others can be a little difficult comprehend

Oil Leaks

Oil Leak

No one wants to deal with oil leaks they can be hard to fix but you are dealing with an essential part that will keep your car running and remaining healthy. Some of Ford’s models are susceptible to oil leaks. One model that has seen its fair share of oil leaks is the Ford Aerostar which constantly leaked oil almost non-stop.

Transmission Roll Pins

Transmission Roll Pins are critical for the successful operation of a vehicle and Ford seems to have many problems with transmission roll pins on the F-150 with no end in sight. In 2017, there were several recalls of this model with the ten-speed transmission fitted to the trucks. Without a doubt, this was an issue Ford did not want showing up on their flagship truck.

The Power Steering

Ford Focus Interior

I don’t know anyone who wants to be put up with issues dealing with their steering. Ford has experienced certain issues involving the vehicle’s power steering. As reported by owners, the Ford Falcon has this problem by constantly pulling to one side.

Issues With The Engine

Ford Engine V8

Many car manufacturers have problems with their engines and Ford is no exception. There are cases when a vehicle is just unreliable or there are one or two lemons that can spoil an otherwise spotless reputation. From 2013 to 2014, the Ford Fusion suffered from several reliability issues including the risk of a fire in the engine. Needless to say, the vehicles were immediately recalled.

Handling Issues

Talk about a scary moment when you can’t seem to control your vehicle. Similar to the problem with the power steering, many Ford owners have reported trying to handle their vehicles as it would favour one way or another. If driving at high speeds, this can be pretty frightening and dangerous. This is something no one should have to cope with.

Spark Plug Issues

If your spark plugs are acting up, not only is that a problem but it’s also a real pain to deal with. The Ford Explorer V8 is one vehicle that has gone through some really strange issues regarding the spark plugs. In some cases, the spark plugs would literally eject themselves from the engine! Not only is that bad news, but quite honestly, frightening.

Your Vehicle Jerks

Vehicle Jerks

No one would have a particularly good time when their vehicle is just jumping up and down totally out of control and I’m sure scared the heck out of you! Owners of the 2003 Ford Explorer experienced similar situations along with the 2016 Ford F-150 jerking its way down the road, uncontrollably. This is not just a problem with Ford but many other manufacturers as well.

What the drivers experience is a sudden jolt while operating the vehicle. The drivers get absolutely no warning when it’s about to happen and they believe often they could have caused a serious accident.

This can be caused by several things. Technicians have reported issues with seals and fluid leaks but it can also happen from excessive wear and tear which will lead to small metal parts entering the transmission and causing damage. Some customers have reported warranty repairs while others say they paid out of pocket to get the problem resolved.

Failure To The Engine Block Heater

Ford issued recalls for well over 323,000 vehicles including the F-150 and SUV lineup from 2015 to 2019 due to a defective engine block heater. It’s believed it was caused by a power cord improperly installed.

This could cause the cord to get too close to the hot surface of the engine causing the risk for the power cord to fail and even start fires.

Bodywork Problems

Ford Car Rust

This seems to be a major problem for many makes and models, not just Ford. If you start to get bodywork rust, or any damage to the vehicle it’s something to worry about. The bodywork of your vehicle is what everyone sees. Due to many metal changes in some models its caused Ford to run into these problems.

Dreadful Exhaust Sounds

The exhaust is where all gases leave from the back of the car and can cause a lot of sounds coming from there as well. If there is a hole in the exhaust system, or the muffler, then it could create some terrible noises. Some models, like the Ford Telstar, were known for breaking exhausts which was a problem for the drivers.

A/C and Ventilation Issues

Having problems with the A/C system can be a real pain. The A/C and the air ventilation can become defective in some cars. The Ford Edge SE had several issues with this when driving in higher temperatures.

Kids’ Safety

This is a serious concern for all manufacturers when addressing the safety of kids as well as everyone else. Ford had to recall approximately 10,000 vehicles in 2013 due to some rear door child locks not operating properly. Needless to say, this caused a great deal of stress and concern for many customers.

Connectivity Issues With The Infotainment Systems

Many cars now have infotainment systems which have almost become a critical part of the operations of a vehicle. Ford had their fair share of connectivity issues regarding this system. From failing software to communications with users’ phones, and voice recognition, it has become a major issue for some customers.

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