Avoid Starting Trouble By Taking Care Of Your Battery

A car that refuses to start can put you in a spot. In most cases, a discharged battery is the issue. Accidentally leaving the headlights lit can do this, but it could also mean a dying battery or a fault in your car.

Most of us have some knowledge about batteries, but that can sometimes work against us. Here are some things about car batteries that you must know.

A Starting Problem Is Not Always A Battery Issue

If your car has starting trouble, don’t jump to the conclusion that your battery is at fault. It could be a problem with the wiring of the ignition switch, a problem with the electrical system or a faulty starter. A battery technician can check the battery voltage and tell you whether the battery is discharged.

Charging Or Replacing The Battery May Not Solve The Problem

A battery that is discharged for no apparent reason may need replacement, especially if it is older than three years. While this diagnosis is probably right, other problems must be ruled out before replacing the battery.

Batteries could get discharged due to a variety of problems like faulty charging system, wiring faults or bad connections. Replacing or charging the battery without fixing the issue will not solve the problem.

Battery Problems Can Be Predicted Or Averted With Regular Battery Checks

Battery performance degrades gradually, which allows you time to fix the issue before it fails completely. That said, batteries can sometimes die suddenly. A sudden battery failure can occur if there is a short in one of its cells. Batteries are usually checked during periodic service. This can alert you long before the battery starts giving trouble.

Repeated Battery Discharges Could Mean A Drain

If a fully charged battery discharges quickly, you probably have a drain. It means that something is continuously consuming power in your car even when it is not in use. It can be something as simple as a faulty light switch in the boot. It could also mean a fault in the electrical system like a shorted wire that is discharging the battery. A mechanic will be able to check the drain and find the fault if there is anything abnormal.

Don’t Try To Jump Start Unless You Know What You Are Doing

If you are stuck due to a flat battery, jump starting the vehicle is an option. But, don’t do it unless you are confident about it. Don’t let another person do it for you unless he or she is a qualified mechanic. Before you jump start, double-check with the car manual to ensure that you have got the connections right. Even a single wrong connection while attempting to jump start can damage sensitive electric components.

If you have a starting problem, it’s better to call your garage’s mobile service. Emergency battery services are also helpful for a quick check and replacement. But, take your car to the garage to rule out other problems.

Battery Change Could Mean Reprogramming

In some cars, replacing the battery is not as simple as removing the old one and connecting the new one. The car’s computer system may need to be matched to the new battery by programming. If you get the replacement done at a workshop, they have the necessary software to reprogram the system. If your car’s radio has an anti-theft feature, you may need to input the radio security code to get it working again after a battery change.

1. Don’t try to stretch the life of a battery by waiting for it to fail.

2. If your mechanic tells you that the battery needs replacement, get it replaced at the garage itself.

3. Don’t change batteries yourself unless you are qualified to do the replacement.

4. If your battery is over five years old, it’s better to replace it.

5. Ensure that your battery is checked at least once a year by a qualified technician.

6. If you have a problem with the electrical system, let the mechanic diagnose the problem. It’s better not to assume anything about the battery or give hints to the mechanic about its health.

Battery Change Could Mean Reprogramming

Most good garages include basic battery checks as part of periodic service. If your battery is nearing the end of its life, they will be able to warn you months in advance. Regular service also reduces the chance of other electrical problems.

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