10 Tips To Save Money On Fuel

Fuel is the most obvious running cost of your vehicle. Fuel efficiency may not matter much if your car is used sparingly. But, if you travel a lot, saving fuel will make a significant difference to your wallet. Here are some tried and tested methods to reduce fuel costs.

1. Drive At Moderate Speeds

Most cars give their best fuel efficiency around 55 miles an hour. At higher speeds, wind resistance makes your car burn more fuel. Besides, at high speeds, you will need to accelerate and slow down more often, which leads to higher fuel consumption.

2. Keep Your Car Light And Aerodynamic

A heavier car has to work harder and needs more fuel to cover the same distance. Weight also increases the wind resistance of the vehicle. Don’t leave things in your car unless you need them on every trip. Some external accessories like rooftop carriers increase wind resistance and reduce fuel efficiency. You are better off without them.

3. Avoid Excessive Idling and Frequent speed Changes

More fuel is burnt when you accelerate quickly. Drive at a steady speed leaving plenty of distance between you and the vehicle ahead. Anticipate stops and slow down gradually. Rapid braking wastes fuel. Idling is also a fuel waster. If you have to wait for more than a minute, it’s better to switch off the engine.

4. Use The Air Conditioning Wisely

Your car burns slightly more fuel when the air conditioner is on. That said, keeping the a/c off and the windows rolled down does not always save fuel.

Your car will experience more drag when the windows are rolled down. At low speeds this is not significant, but at highway speeds this will significantly increase fuel consumption. At higher speeds switching on the a/c and keeping the windows rolled up is the best way to reduce fuel consumption. When you are going slowly, switching off the a/c and rolling windows down is the better option.

5. Take Care Of Your Wheels

The rolling resistance of tyres varies with their specifications. Always buy replacement tyres that conform to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Keep your tyres at the right pressure. Underinflated tyres increase rolling resistance and fuel consumption.

To keep tyres in good condition, rotate your tyres after the specified number of miles. Get the wheel balance and alignment checked during periodic service.

6. Avoid Bad Or Congested Roads

Slow speeds, frequent stopping and idling, which is typical of crowded city roads, wastes fuel. The same goes with poorly surfaced roads. Taking a slightly roundabout, but better route is likely to save more fuel and take you to your destination faster. You can also try to schedule your errands during non-peak hours.

7. Drive Less

Are you doing many unnecessary trips? Try combing errands or organize them more efficiently. One long trip consumes less fuel than several short trips adding up to the same distance.

8. Use Recommended Fuel

Using a higher-octane fuel than what is specified for your car is a waste of money. It will not improve engine life, performance or fuel economy. Using a lower octane fuel than the one specified will not help either because the car compensates by consuming more fuel. Always stick to the fuel specified by the manufacturer.

9. Buy A Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Some cars are very fuel efficient and some are fuel guzzlers. The next time you buy a car, consider buying one that is more fuel efficient.

Although they cost more initially, hybrid vehicles consume less fuel, especially in city traffic conditions. If you drive a lot, over the lifetime of the car, fuel savings will make up for the additional cost.

Don’t buy a large car or an SUV if a smaller one will serve your purpose. Small cars cost less, are cheaper to maintain and consume less fuel.

10. Maintain Your Car Well

Get your car serviced on time according to the schedule specified in your car manual. Bad air filters, poor-quality engine oil, clogged fuel filters and engine problems reduce your fuel efficiency. The same goes with misaligned or unbalanced wheels. Poor contacts due to corroded battery terminals will also reduce fuel economy.

Regular maintenance helps maintain the fuel efficiency of your car besides ensuring good performance and safety. For car service in Manchester and nearby areas, use our quick form to get a quote that is much lower than the main dealer. If you decide to go ahead, we will send your request to a high-quality network garage near you. You will get friendly, personal and high-quality service. It’s hassle free as Servicing Master service includes collection and delivery of your vehicle and free washing and vacuuming.

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