Ensuring A Hassle Free MOT In Rochdale

An annual MOT certification is a legal requirement in the UK. It ensures that vehicles are roadworthy and meet minimum safety and pollution control standards. A test is due if your car is three years old or if your current certificate is close to expiry. An MOT in Rochdale is easy for vehicles that are well maintained. Here are a few tips to improve your chances of passing on the first attempt.

MOT Rochdale – Things You Should Know

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You can have your MOT test at any test centre. Some centres only perform the test. Others perform both an MOT and repairs. Although you are not required to perform repairs at the same garage, it’s convenient. Small problems can be fixed right away and you can take your next attempt on the same day. The maximum that can be charged for the test is fixed by the ministry, but garages often give discounts.

If you are using a garage that performs both an MOT and repairs, the selection of the garage is crucial. You don’t want to go to a place with a poor reputation where you will be worried about getting your car repaired. Since garages are likely to benefit when vehicles fail, only centres with a reputation for being unbiased are reliable. The quality of the garage matters more than the cost of the test itself. Don’t take the bait of a low-cost test without checking the reputation of the centre.

Several aspects of your vehicle from cleanliness to emissions are checked during the test. The test usually takes about an hour, but it could take longer. If your vehicle fails, you will get a list of defects to fix before your next attempt.

Faults are categorised as minor, major or dangerous. A vehicle with dangerous faults cannot be driven away, but you can get it towed. For other types of faults, you can use the car if it is roadworthy and your current MOT is valid. If your current certificate has expired, you can only drive your vehicle for repairs or for another scheduled test.

Some Tips To Avoid MOT Problems In Rochdale

MOT Rochdale

Don’t wait until the last day to get your car tested. You need some time to get your car fixed if there are faults. You don’t want to be in a situation where your car is stuck at the garage or the test centre due to an expired certificate. You can safely take the test up to one month before the expiry of your current MOT. You won’t lose the remaining validity of your current certificate.

Before you go for the test, ensure that your car has sufficient fuel and the engine oil level is well above the minimum. If your car does not have enough oil or fuel, it will not be accepted for the test.

Although it sounds silly, in reality, a large number of vehicles fail their first attempt due to issues like bad lamps, dirty windows and stickers on the windscreen. It makes sense to do some basic checks before taking your car for the test.

MOT Rochdale – Basic Checks

Ensure that your vehicle is not cluttered or dirty. Remove all clutter, clean and vacuum the interiors. Wash the exteriors thoroughly. Pay attention to your registration plate. It should not be dirty or unreadable. If you have a personalised plate, it should comply with the rules.

Check the levels of all fluids, including the windscreen washer fluid. Remove any stickers on the windscreen that are obstructing the driver’s view. Nothing should be in the wiper’s sweep area. Any cracks or damage to the windscreen should also be fixed. All mirrors should operate correctly and be in good condition.

Check the condition of the tyres including the spare. Tyres should not be worn out or damaged and they should be at the right pressure.

Adjustable seats should operate correctly. All seatbelts must be in good condition and function correctly. Change any damaged seat belts or latches. Latches must click easily in place and belts should lock when tugged.

Horn, lights and indicators should work correctly. Check and replace any non-functioning lamps. The wiper must operate correctly without any abnormal noise and must clean the windscreen neatly. Cracks in the blades or misaligned blades will make noise or leave streaks. So, get them replaced.

When the engine is running there should be no abnormal noise or excessive smoke. It’s best to get it checked and fixed at a garage before going for the test. The same goes with the brakes. They should function perfectly without any strange noises. The handbrake must not be loose and should function properly.

If you are in Rochdale and your car is due for an MOT, get in touch with us. We have a network of high-quality garages available for an MOT test in Rochdale. All tests are performed by an independent team to eliminate any possibility of bias. There is also no need to visit the garage. We can arrange the pick up and drop off of your vehicle, or a courtesy car if you need to remain mobile. You can get your car inspected and any faults can be fixed at the garage itself before taking the test and any re-test required is free. For a hassle-free MOT in Rochdale, complete and submit our quick quote form.

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These guys do what they say on the tin. I work for NHS so I am usually always at work these guys collected it while I worked, liaised via email as i couldn’t answer the phone.

Carried out the work and dropped it back off for me, Happy with the service and the nice touch at the end vehicle came back nice and clean!

30 Jan 2019

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Top service, knew straight away what the problem was. Had it back next day which was great, glad I’ve found a garage I can use in the future would defiantly recommend. Even gave my car a wash.

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Had my car service and mot with Bury branch. Excellent service kept me posted with everything they were doing. Professional, friendly and helpful definitely recommend them. Thanks.



Booked online, great realistic price, none of this cheap drag you in and shake you down when you get there. Car collected from work, serviced and mot all done and straight forward, I needed an additional bulb which they rung me and told me.

Car delivered before I finished work and they even gave it a long awaited wash and vacc Lol!

All done from my desk at work defiantly be using them for my wife and daughters vehicles!

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