What You Must Know About Brake Repairs

If you get your car periodically serviced at a good garage, brake problems are unlikely. The braking system has many components and all of them must perform well to stop your car in time.

Considering the importance of brakes, any problems should be detected and fixed well before symptoms start appearing.

A Brake Inspection Is Not Just A Brake Pad Inspection

Many people have the misconception that the brake pad is the only thing in the braking system that needs maintenance. Brake pads are important, but other components are equally critical and must be checked.

As cars get older, brake components like rotors and brake lines start to rust. Good mechanics will check the condition of the system as a whole. This includes brake pads, brake callipers, brake lines and rotors. They will look for damage due to rust, wear and leakage of brake fluid. A fault anywhere in the system can result in impaired braking or brake failure.

When Should You Get The Brakes Checked?

Like most systems in your car, prevention is better than cure when it comes to brakes. Unfortunately, many people wait too long and take their car to the garage only when they notice obvious symptoms like grinding noise, loose pedal, smoke from the wheels or poor braking. This is dangerous. Brakes should be checked and fixed well before symptoms appear.

If you are opting for oil change shops instead of a good garage, the safety of your car could be compromised. Manufacturers recommend several checks at every service and oil change is just one thing on the list. Condition of the brakes, suspension and tyres should be checked periodically. Brake examination should be done every year to ensure safety.

Even if your car is regularly serviced don’t ignore the symptoms of faulty brakes. Modern cars are fitted with indicators, which alert you when the system detects a brake problem. Sometimes, it’s just a silly issue like driving with the parking brake engaged. However, you should not ignore any warnings.

Some vehicles warn you when the brake pads have worn down below a limit. Very often, this is the same indicator that lights up when the parking brakes are on. In some cars, there is an audible alarm to alert you about worn brake pads. In either case, get the brakes checked as soon as possible.

Some cars have a warning system to alert you about faults in the hydraulic system. This could be due to leakage of brake fluid. If the brakes are functioning normally, you can drive the car slowly to the garage. If the pedal is low or feels loose, it’s not safe to drive. Have the vehicle towed to the garage.

Cars with ABS usually have an indicator to tell you if the system is faulty. In this case, it’s safe to continue driving, but don’t depend on the ABS system until you get it repaired. If you experience any braking difficulties, don’t use the vehicle until it is checked and resolved.

Cost Of Brake Repairs

The cost of a brake repair depends on the model of the car, its age and the state of the braking system. Cars with a lot of mileage may need an expensive repair. Brake faults will aggravate if you don’t fix them. If you wait until the brakes are totally destroyed, the repairs will be costly. At early stages, the brake pads can be replaced or some parts can be machined or repaired.

The type of spares used is a factor in deciding repair costs. Some parts like brake pads come in a wide range of qualities and prices even for the same car model. Brake rotors can be replaced with a cheap aftermarket part or an OEM part. Parts also come with various warranty periods depending on the manufacturer. So, a cheap part can become costly if it fails quickly.

Repair costs also depend on the expertise of the technician. There are several ways of repairing the same problem. Brake callipers can be repaired or replaced. Brake rotors can be machined or replaced. Sometimes, a full brake fluid flush is required, but in some cases, it’s enough to remove trapped air.

For brake repairs, you clearly need a garage with skilled technicians. You also must know what type of spares they are going to use. Trust is the most important factor here. If you don’t use a trustworthy garage, you may end up paying more. Worse, you may get a mediocre repair job that could compromise the safety of your car.

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