Tips To Keep Your Car Running Costs Low

Are you spending too much on your car? If car ownership is denting your wallet, the way you are using and maintaining it could be the problem. Here are some tips to minimize those running and maintenance costs.

Save Fuel

Fuel costs form a major chunk of your running costs. Even a small regular savings in fuel can make a significant difference over a period of time. It is also better for the planet.

1. Cut unnecessary trips

If you find yourself driving in the same direction again and again for different purposes, it may make sense to combine some of them to save your time and fuel.2. The shortest route is not always the best

Bad or congested roads make your car burn more fuel. Sometimes a roundabout, but less congested route, is the better option. It is also the saner option instead of driving through crawling traffic. You can also try rescheduling your errands to avoid peak traffic.3. Use the a/c wisely

Air conditioning increases fuel consumption. Don’t run it if you don’t need it. That said, it may be better to use the a/c instead of keeping your windows open if you are going on a long drive. The wind resistance created by open windows at speeds of even 40kmph can increase fuel consumption significantly. You must also run your a/c for at least a few minutes a week irrespective of the season to keep it in good condition.When you use the a/c, keep the fan speed high and temperature setting at the coldest until the desired temperature is reached. Once the interior is comfortable, keep the fan speed low and adjust the temperature control to the desired level. If the interior is very hot when you get into the car, keep the windows open for about half a minute to flush out the hot air.

4. Maintain the right tyre pressure

If your tyres are underinflated, the rolling resistance and tyre wear will increase and the fuel efficiency will go down. Overinflating tyres, on the other hand, will result in bumpy rides and increase the risk of a tyre failure. Check your tyre pressures at least once in a month even if you use the car sparingly. For frequent use, check it once a week. Maintain tyre pressures at manufacturer-recommended levels for optimum comfort, fuel efficiency and tyre life.

Do Periodic Checks

1. Change the air filter in time

Your engine breathes through the air filter. If it is clogged, it will reduce performance, fuel efficiency and engine life. Get it periodically inspected and changed when needed. Air filter checks and replacements are included in most routine services.

2. Maintain engine oil quality and levels

Engine oil provides lubrication to the engine. It will gradually be consumed and deteriorate with use. Check it once in a month and top it up if necessary. Always use the right type of engine oil as recommended by the manufacturer. Engine oil checks, top-ups and replacements are also part of routine service.

3. Check the levels of other fluids

Other than engine oil, your car uses many different fluids like coolant, brake fluid, gear oil, and windscreen washer fluid. Check their levels once in a month and top them up if needed. Always use consumables from a reputed brand and ensure that it is of the right specification.

Get Your Car Serviced In Time

Servicing costs money, but it’s worth it. In the long run, regular servicing at a good garage will save you maintenance costs and maintain the resale value of your car. Your car will also be more reliable, efficient, safe and comfortable. Almost all the checks mentioned above are covered in periodic service.

Choose The Right Garage

If you are postponing car service or using the dealer garage all the time, you are making a mistake. Regular service prevents expensive breakdowns and keeps running costs low. It is also important to choose the right garage. Dealer garages are expensive. It’s better to go to a specialist garage. You get more convenient service options at much better prices. Your warranty and service history will also stay intact.

If you are looking for a good alternative to the dealer garage, we can help you find one. Call us and we will help you get the best service at the best prices.

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