Finding The Best Garage For Manchester Car Repairs

A car breakdown is always a cause for concern. Suddenly, you are faced with a possibility of huge bills and that’s just part of the problem. Repairs, especially major repairs, should always be done at a garage that you can trust and depend on. The dealer’s garage is expensive and you are can’t trust your car with just any garage. If you live in Manchester, car repairs are hassle-free.

Why Does A Regularly-Serviced Car Need Repairs?

If your car is serviced regularly, you will get excellent performance for many years. Periodic service ensures that consumables and fluids are replaced or refilled on time and prevents minor issues from turning into major problems.

Regular service is necessary, but as your car gets older, major components start exhibiting signs of wear. Components like the transmission, steering, suspension, hydraulics and the exhaust system start showing symptoms of age and repairs become necessary.

Many components in your car have a finite life and having to repair or replace them after a certain number of years or mileage is normal. A breakdown or the need for a major repair does not mean that it’s time to sell your car. As long as you get your car repaired at a good garage and continue to get it serviced on time, you can expect many more years of trouble-free performance.

Quality Of Repairs Depend On The Garage Where It Is Performed

For some components like the head gasket or the timing belt, replacement is the only option, but others like the gearbox can usually be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

The dealer’s garage is no doubt reliable, but they prefer to replace components instead of attempting a repair. This can be an expensive shortcut. Besides the high cost, it may not make financial sense when your car is very old and you plan to keep it only for a few more years.

On the other hand, if you go to a garage without the right equipment or expertise, you are taking a huge risk. It may seem cheaper, but a wrong diagnosis or poor repair will often be expensive in the long run. It usually results in safety or reliability issues or may result in bigger breakdowns later. A garage with the right equipment and expertise will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis, offer the right solution and perform the required repairs or replacements correctly.

Finding The Right Garage For Car Repairs In Manchester


If you are looking for a good garage for car repairs in Manchester, you are in the right place. Servicing Master has a large network of garages with expertise in servicing all types of cars and vans. We can refer you to the right garage, irrespective of the make or model of your vehicle.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a Volkswagen, BMW, Skoda, Audi or Mini, with Servicing Master, you are covered. We take great care before admitting garages to our network. With our network garage, your car is in safe hands. You will get dealer-quality service, genuine spares, reasonable prices, excellent customer service and post-repair warranty where applicable. Here is a small sample of repairs that we routinely undertake.

1. Cambelt Replacement

The cambelt, or timing belt, is a rubber belt that synchronises the movements of critical engine components like pistons, valves, fuel injectors and camshafts. Being a rubber component, the belt will eventually wear out and fail. Failure usually comes without any symptoms and almost always results in major engine damage. Damage occurs due to collision of engine components like valves and pistons.

Repairing a damaged engine will cost thousands of pounds depending on the make of the car. To minimise the chances of a cambelt failure, you must get it replaced at the recommended intervals given in your owner’s manual.

2. Brake Repairs

Brake pads are checked and replaced if needed during periodic service. However, repairs for problems like brake fluid leakage and faulty brake callipers or rotors may also be needed as the car gets older. Brake problems tend to get worse with time besides being a safety issue. Always get the brakes checked and repaired at a good garage at the first signs of trouble.

3. Exhaust Repairs

Exhaust system components are prone to rust and damage due to their location on the underside of the car. If your car has a problem with the exhaust system, get it repaired promptly because there is a danger of combustion gases entering the cabin.

4. Transmission Problems

If you are having trouble shifting gears, the problem is most likely with the clutch, the gearbox or some other transmission component. A bad clutch is a common issue in a car that is older than seven years. Sometimes, fixing the issue is as simple as adjusting a few cables or repairing the clutch. A clutch replacement is needed only when it is totally worn out. A transmission problem can be due to a faulty gearbox.

Gearbox repairs are complicated, but our network garage will do a perfect job. For automatic transmissions, instead of a replacement, we can try flushing the transmission fluid. It can extend transmission life by a few more years. For all types of transmission repairs in Manchester, you can rely on Servicing Master.

5. Head Gasket Replacement

The head gasket seals the joint between the engine block and the cylinder heads. A tight seal is necessary for correct engine operation. Head gaskets are rubber components and they start to crack and leak after a few years. Damaged head gaskets should be replaced or there is a risk of them blowing and resulting in engine damage.

Car repairs are not a worry if you know which garage to go to. For Manchester car repairs, you can count on Servicing Master. Just call us or use our form below to book your service and our network garage will contact you.

They will diagnose the problem and repair your car in the shortest possible time and at a great price. Rest assured that only genuine OEM spares will be used and your car will continue to give you the performance and reliability that you are used to. What’s more, our garage can have the car picked up from your home or office and they will deliver it back to you after repairs.

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These guys do what they say on the tin. I work for NHS so I am usually always at work these guys collected it while I worked, liaised via email as i couldn’t answer the phone.

Carried out the work and dropped it back off for me, Happy with the service and the nice touch at the end vehicle came back nice and clean!

30 Jan 2019

Craig Hill

Top service, knew straight away what the problem was. Had it back next day which was great, glad I’ve found a garage I can use in the future would defiantly recommend. Even gave my car a wash.

Jack Walker

Had my car service and mot with Bury branch. Excellent service kept me posted with everything they were doing. Professional, friendly and helpful definitely recommend them. Thanks.



Booked online, great realistic price, none of this cheap drag you in and shake you down when you get there. Car collected from work, serviced and mot all done and straight forward, I needed an additional bulb which they rung me and told me.

Car delivered before I finished work and they even gave it a long awaited wash and vacc Lol!

All done from my desk at work defiantly be using them for my wife and daughters vehicles!

30 Jan 2019

Tim Sheply

Great people to deal with. Trusted with my family’s cars for many many years. Great service, go the extra mile. Thoroughly recommend for anyone looking for work on their car whatever the marque.

Alan Rait

Just a quick line, I have finally found a garage where I have complete confidence. Professional and informative, Lisa and Mike are a pleasure to deal with. Thank you.